When Circumstances Get in the Way of Study
It's rare to get through three years or more of a University Degree without at least once falling sick, getting injured or having something else affect your ability to study effectively.

La Trobe has a policy that makes allowances for circumstances out of your control but don't expect them to understand your case without you following the correct procedures.

Find the relevant info on the Uni Website here

Below are some tips on making Special Consideration work for you and avoiding some common errors.

Applying for an Extension

This is best done outside the Special Consideration process and must be negotiated directly with your lecturer for assessment tasks under 15% of your total assessment.

Email your lecturer and explain your issue well before your assessment deadline. Ask for an extension and say how much extra time you might need to complete the assessment task. Be ready to negotiate the time needed or to send more information or supporting documents.

If they refuse and you don't think it's fair you can take the matter up with your subject or course coordinator. Remember that gaining an extension is not your right - you can only put your case and hope that your lecturer will deem your reasons justified.

Submitted Work

If you've handed something in or completed a placement, practicum, quiz or test that was affected by circumstances out of your control you can submit a Special Consideration application that may result in you gaining extra marks.

Your application will be looked at but there's no guarantee it will be approved (it depends on how valid your reasons are). If it is approved, you may gain up to 5% additional marks for your work.

Exams - Missing Exams

You have to be really, really sick or injured to miss an exam and be eligible for a special exam at a later date. See the Uni web page for eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, you must do the following:

  • Apply for Special Consideration online within 3 DAYS of each exam you miss
  • Download a Medical Impact Statement from the Uni website and ask the Hospital or your Doctor to complete - fast! Send your MIS through to the SC team asap
  • Contact the SC team if there are any problems/delays.
  • If you are physically unable to act on any of the above, ask a friend or family member to contact the BSA advocacy service.
  • If you are in a coma or cannot communicate with anyone your application can be lodged at a later date.
Exams - Sitting Exams while Sick, Injured or Grieving

If you are not eligible to postpone an exam to the special exam period you should sit the exam and do the best you can. You can still apply for Special Consideration and depending on the severity of your circumstances, may be awarded extra marks to allow for your under performance.

As in Special Consideration for other submitted work, your exam mark may be raised by up to 5% depending on your case.

Disability and Chronic Conditions

If you have a disability or suffer a chronic condition you should talk to Disability Services about being included on the Disability Register.

Registered students may be offered allowances for assessments that allow for the hardships endured by their disability or condition. This can take the form of regular extensions, special exam conditions, extra resources or support.

Being on the register can help you avoid lodging Special Consideration application on a regular basis.

BSA Student Advocate: 03 5444 7976 welfare@bsabendigo.com.au Appointment bookings at BSA Info Desk