What is the BSA?
The Bendigo Student Association is a not-for-profit organisation that operates to make student life better at La Trobe University, Bendigo.

The BSA is owned by, and operates on behalf of, students at La Trobe University Bendigo. It’s run by a Board of Directors, made up of nine students, who set the direction and goals for BSA Staff. Having a Student Board is one way that the BSA remains constantly in touch with the needs of students. There are also a number of volunteers who devote their time and energy to making our events the best they can be.

Although we’re based on campus, the BSA is a separate organisation to the University which enables us to represent student interests to the University without fear or favour.
The BSA supports continued discussion surrounding all kinds of equality on the Bendigo campus. The BSA aims supports all students who study at La Trobe University, Bendigo, in the best way possible.
Why is the BSA Important? 
Everyone recognises that going to Uni involves more than textbooks and attending lectures. It’s also about maintaining a social life, possibly holding down a job, achieving your academic potential and being part of a community.

Students often need support to cope with the demands of their academic load. You sometimes want opportunities to enable you to make the most of your University experience. While the University will provide the academic knowledge, the BSA is here to help you acheive the best possible outcome from your time outside the classroom.
What does the BSA do for Students?
The BSA facilitates and supports aspects of student life that are not purely academic by:
  • Representing student interests to La Trobe University, Bendigo and the wider community
  • Providing social opportunities by hosting events and activities
  • Providing opportunities for fitness and to participate in sports
  • Giving financial & administrative support to clubs & societies on campus
  • Offering support on a range of academic and welfare issues
  • Producing free publications such as the Student Diary and wall planners
  • Running quality businesses on campus such as Sweeney's Café

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