What is the BSA?
The Bendigo Student Association (BSA) has a simple purpose:
Making Student Life Better.

Our services are designed to help you get through University without failing subjects, going broke or getting too homesick. We want you to finish your time at La Trobe with a qualification in one hand and suitcase full of life skills and lifelong friendships in the other. 

Read more information about the future of BSA beyond 2021 HERE

How does the BSA save you money and help you pass?
Our aim is to give you the best possible chance of completing your studies without incurring additional HELP fees from repeating subjects or jeopardising your future by dropping out.

To do this we provide services that students at risk need as well as trying to make life at Uni as enjoyable as possible. Our support for Clubs & Societies and our social program aims to encourage friendships and support groups amongst other students. Studies show that students who develop these support groups and have a healthy social life are more likely to stay at university and complete their studies.

Our Advocacy Service ensures that you are treated fairly by the university and helps you find solutions that keep you at Uni without costing you extra in HELP fees. 

We help you save money by putting on free brekkies, discounting goods and services, and offering a great membership program. 

How is the BSA Funded?
The BSA is funded by the University with money raised from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) but we are not the sole beneficiaries of the SSAF pool of funding. Budgets from the BSA and other eligible university services are tabled in the months leading up to the New Year and funds are allocated accordingly for the following year.

Is the BSA part of the Uni?
The BSA is an Incorporated Association which means that although our offices are located within the University, we remain independent of the University as a legal structure. Our relationship with the University is strong but our structure means we can represent students fairly and without compromise.

How is the BSA managed?
The BSA has a Board of Directors made up of nine current students who are elected on an annual basis. The President and Vice President are elected by the Board from within its ranks. The Board is responsible for strategic planning 
and making major financial and directional decisions for the BSA. 

There are a number of full and part-time paid staff (led by a Chief Executive Offficer) that deals with the day-to-day operations of the BSA. Volunteers also play an important role in supporting the activities of the Association.

Bendigo Student Association
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

03 5444 7354
SU Floor, La Trobe University 
Edwards Road, Flora Hill VIC 3550