The Exercise Science and Physiology Society (ESPS) is at its core a society that caters for all Exercise Science and Physiology students. From creating social events so students can get to know different year levels and cohorts to raising awareness of future employment and career pathways

What you get with your 2018 ESPS Membership:

Free Drink Bottle - Valued at $10
Free Chill Towel - Valued at $5
Sausage sizzles - Free sausage for members
Pub-crawlSave - $5 on Pub-crawl
Annual Ball - Save $10 on Ball
Merchandise - Savings of $15 on Merchandise

An ESPS Membership can pay itself just by going to our social events! A grand total value of $60 at a fraction of the cost! Get yours today!

For more information about ESPS and future events, please contact