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Wear it Purple Day

Wear it Purple Day is Friday the 28th of August, 2020.
Wear it Purple Day is about showing LGBTIQ+ young people that they have the right to be proud of who they are.

It is about creating safe spaces in schools, universities, workplaces and public spaces to show LGBTIQ+ young people that they are seen and supported.
Last year over 750 schools, community organisations and universities held events across Australia, and through the activities of schools that recognise Wear it Purple Day, we reached an estimated 600,000 young people, seeing the respect, acceptance and inclusion that surrounds them. BSA and La Trobe are proud to be able to bring a covid friendly Wear it Purple campaign to you!

Follow our Facebook page and keep an eye out for a very fun (and very purple) competition!

What’s happening around us today and why is this important?
75% of LGBTIQ+ youth in Australia will be bullied because of their identity.
80% will experience it at school. → Because of this, LGBTIQ+ youth are up to 12x more likely to experience depression and up to 5x more likely to experience anxiety.

What impact will Wear it Purple events, campaigns and support have on rainbow youth?
One of Wear it Purple’s priorities is to support schools to run Wear it Purple Day events to show LGBTIQ+ youth that they are supported and that they belong. Wear it Purple provides free resources to schools and supports as many as possible with guest speakers from Wear it Purple’s Youth Action Council. All donations and funds raised by Wear it Purple go to supporting LGBTIQ+ youth.