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FAQs - La Trobe Student Association


Where can I find the LTSA Constitution?
As we build our website, the LTSA Constitution may be found at the following:
Bendigo Student Association website -
Mildura Student Association website -
Shepparton Student Association website -
Wodonga Student Association website -

From 2021, where can I find Minutes of the Governing Board of Director Meetings?
The Minutes from the Governing Board of Directors shall be available from 2021 on the LTSA website or by direct request from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mitch Trevena – email or 0497 921 606.

Who can I speak to about the LTSA?
CEO, Mitch Trevena welcomes students to email or call if you would like to know more about the LTSA. Her details are listed above. Alternatively, the interim Governing Board of Directors, Annabelle Romano, Jenna Boyd and Will Griffin are happy to talk with students. Their details are below:
Annabelle Romano -
Jenna Boyd -
Will Griffin -

When will elections for the LTSA be held?
LTSA student elections shall be held across all LTU campuses in March 2021. Elections shall be fully on-line and electoral regulations shall be available in the coming months. After the inaugural elections in March 2021, elections shall then be held annually in September each year.

What services will the LTSA be offering from 2021?
The LTSA will provide the following services to student enrolled at LTU from 2021:
• Student representation
• Advocacy
• Financial Counselling
• Legal Service
• Clubs & Societies
• Events and Engagement activities
• Well-being services and support

What campuses will the LTSA be on?
LTSA will be based on every LTU campus state-wide and shall also be leveraging off our learnings from 2020 to position ourselves in the virtual world of student support and services.

Will there be an LTSA team member of every campus?
LTSA will have team members employed and located on every campus.

What is the student representative model of the LTSA?
LTSA is governed by a Board of Directors comprising of seven (7) Presidents of the seven (7) Student Councils and the LTSA CEO (NIL voting rights). Presidents shall be from Bendigo, Bundoora, City, Mildura, Shepparton, Wodonga and International Student Councils. The Constitution allows for the Board of Directors to increase to nine (9) in the future to respond and adapt to student demand (e.g. Cloud Student Council or Residential Student Council).

A Student Council shall be elected and present on each campus and there shall also be an International Student Council. Except for the Bundoora Student Council, who shall have three Executive and up to thirteen (13) Ordinary Councillors, the other campuses and International Student Council shall have three (3) Executive and up to six (6) Ordinary Councillors. Students may elect two-year terms on Council which is the LTSA’s preference but will accept one-year terms to ensure students get the most opportunity to be actively involved in their elected Student Council.

After the inaugural elections in March 2021, student elections shall be held in September of every year with the first being in September 2021.
Elected student representatives will hold office from 1st November – 31st October.

Will there be elected student representatives based on every campus?
LTSA will have elected student representatives on every campus (see above).

Will all Clubs and Societies currently affiliated with LTSU and BSA come across to LTSA?
Clubs and Societies are invited to affiliate with the LTSA from 2021. Every pre-existing Club and Society has the right to affiliate with the LTSA to receive funding and support from dedicated Clubs Engagement Officers based at Bundoora and Bendigo. A major focus for the LTSA is to build Clubs programs across the smaller campuses at City, Mildura, Shepparton and Wodonga and we look forward to collaborating with students enrolled on these campuses to create these opportunities from 2021.

I have more questions, where can I go?
Please contact either Mitch Trevena, Annabelle Romano, Jenna Boyd or Will Griffin.

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