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Ask the Advocate: Understanding the V Grade

Have you heard about the V grade?
Have you ever received a formal letter from the Uni saying you are ‘at risk’ for unsatisfactory academic progress?
Do you have a sanction or restriction on your enrolment?
Do you think you’ll fail a subject this semester?
Have you had an allegation of academic misconduct upheld against you?

The Uni is changing how it responds to and supports student’s challenges with passing subjects and completing their degree in a timely way. There are specific changes for this semester (and maybe next semester, too).

The V grade. It’s an acknowledgement by the Uni that this semester may be harder for some students than expected. A V grade won’t affect your WAM. It won’t put you on notice for unsatisfactory academic progress. BUT, not all students who fail their subject will receive a V. This is especially true if the subject is a clinical subject. If safety or the Uni’s reputation may be compromised, your School may recommend that you receive an N or F instead of a V.

I recommend that you make a genuine effort into passing your subjects. If you’re struggling now, ask for help. Ask your Subject Coordinator (send them an email), Learning Support, or your student advocate (that’s me!). Remember that applications for Special Consideration have been extended to FIVE days either side of the due date. If you do fail, then please send me an email, and we will review your options together.

If you fail your subject because of academic misconduct sanction, you will receive an N or F grade, not a V. If you were already ‘at risk’ for unsatisfactory academic progress, you will continue to be assessed under the academic progress policy, and exclusion is a possibility. It is essential that you read and respond to all letters from the Uni about your academic progress and enrolment. If you don’t understand the letters, or you want help presenting your case, or to appeal a decision made by the Uni, email me.

Something else you need to know about the V grade: you will still incur a debt for that subject. If there were unforeseen reasons for why the subject was failed, and for why you were unable to withdraw from the subject, then you may be eligible for a Remission of Debt. Send me an email, and we can look at whether or not you have a case.

Questions? Concerns? Please call or email Michelle, your student advocate
0413 430 822

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