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An Important Announcement from BSA President and CEO

Like so many businesses, organisations and Higher Education providers, the BSA has not been immune to the heavy financial implications of COVID-19. During these difficult times our purpose to make student life better has never wavered and we know that our LTUB students need support services now more than ever. We are committed to continuing to provide our services and support to all students at La Trobe Bendigo.

Being a progressive, professional and passionate student association, the Board and our team have rapidly responded to the current changing and often challenging environment. By adapting our business and staffing models, LTUB students can be reassured that we remain here to make student life better each and every day.

We know life will continue to be different after COVID-19 and that includes life at university, that is why here at the BSA we stand strong, united and resilient in these changing times. If you need any support in your life as a university student, please know that we are here. We cannot wait to see you all again when back on campus.

Mitch Trevena, CEO

William Griffin, President