Financial Counselling

The BSA recognises that student budgets are often very tight. Austudy is barely enough to feed you and pay your share of the rent and working too much in casual employment can be detrimental to your studies. You might be living at home and ineligible for government benefits or you may be the sole parent of dependant children trying to make ends meet under enormous strain. Things can crop up that you just don't expect and it's easy to fall into debt. For that reason, we have contracted the services of a qualified Financial Counsellor who can help you get your finances back to a manageable level. 

What can I seek advice about?
•  Budgeting
•  Bankruptcy
•  Housing/rental issues
•  Government benefits/Centrelink
•  Credit card/loan debt negotiations

What can't I seek advice about?
We're not here to advise you on your share portfolio or work out which energy supplier offers you best value for money. We can advise you on how to do your own research on those things but we're not investment advisers or commodity brokers. 

What should I bring to a consultation?
Depending on what financial issues you have, the counsellor will want to see documentation that will help clarify the problem and lead to an effective resolution. This is a list of typical documents. Bring the ones that relate to you. 

•  Fines
•  Utility Bills
•  Bank Statements
•  Credit Card Statements
•  Centrelink Income Statement
•  Rental Ledger or Statement of Arrears

Drop in or make an appointment
Wednesdays 10am-4pm (semesters only)  

BSA Outpost
SU Mezzanine Room 1.03D
(up the stairs opposite the ATM)

5444 7354