BSA Membership FAQs

FAQS about BSA Membership
We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more info about how to become a BSA Member. If you have any Q's that you can't find the answer to please use our Contacts page.

How do I purchase a BSA Membership?
  • Go to our membership page
  • Create an Account or Sign In if you're already a member
  • Click Buy Now
  • Click Add to Cart and check out
  • You can also sign up by visiting our Info Desk, located on the SU Floor.

What payment methods does BSA accept?
  • Card payments at our Info Desk or online
  • Cash payments at our Info Desk.

How do I know I'm a member?
  • Once you have joined, you will receive a 'Welcome' email from us. If you believe you have joined and you did not receive the email, simply get in contact with us and we can check our system.

How long does a BSA Membership last?
  • BSA Memberships last for a 12-month period and expire on the 1st of January.

How do I collect my BSA Member Welcome gifts?
  • After you have joined, you need to come to our Info Desk on campus to collect your Welcome gifts. Gifts change each year - choose from a BSA Crew sweater or a T-shirt and Power Pack bundle. You will also get some fantastic discount vouchers to use at Sweeney's Cafe! Woohoo!

What benefits do BSA Members get from Sweeney's Cafe?

  • BSA Members get every fifth hot beverage FREE!
  • You'll also be able to purchase cheap BSA Member Meal Deals throughout the year. Keep an eye out on campus and our socials for updates on what these meals are.

I'm a member but can't work out how to access discounted tickets. What's the process?

  • To access special BSA Member rates, make sure you are logged in to your account when you are trying to purchase a ticket, short course or club membership
  • If you are looking for the discount code for O Week 2020 Stadium Sounds event, you should have received an email or text from us. If you haven't, get in contact with the events team on and they will be able to get you the passcode.

Do I have to be a member to access BSA services?

  • No, our services (Legal, Financial, Advicacy) are available to ALL LTUB students.

Do I have to be a BSA Member to join a BSA Club?

  • No, but you will get a BSA Member discount on any club membership, so it's worthwhile considering joining the BSA first.

Why isn't there any car parking discount available now?

  • The university is no longer able to partner with us to provide parking permit member discounts in 2020. As a result, we have replaced this offer with food & bev vouchers from Sweeney's Cafe. Plus! Join as a 2020 member before 5 March and you automatically go into the draw to win 1 of 5, 12-month parking permits! That's a full year of free parking just for signing up for FIVE lucky members! For more info, see our parking competition page.

What happens if I lose my membership sticker?

  • Just come and see us at our Info Desk on the SU Floor. We can look up your membership details on our system and re-issue your sticker

Is there a Semester 2 membership?

  • We don't have a Semester 2 membership but discounts on events, services, short courses and products are available all year. Not to mention, you still get your Welcome Gift which is worth well above the $50 membership fee.

Can I get a membership refund if I leave university?

  • BSA Memberships are non-refundable