Help with University Issues

The student/Uni relationship is not always easy. Each party has expectations of the other and things can go wrong when they're not met. 

What are the University's expectations of students?
Amongst other things, La Trobe expects students to attend classes, complete assessment tasks on time and pass subjects according to the rules of the University. There are also expectations regarding authenicity of work produced without plagiarism or cheating. See the Student Charter for a details on your rights and responsibilities. 

What can students expect from the University?
When students enrol they are affectively signing a contract that holds the University to certain obligations. They must deliver an educational product as detailed in each of the subject guides relevant to your enrolment. They must provide feedback in good time so that errors can be addressed before final assignments or exams. Students should be treated fairly and without prejudice. And the University are duty bound to follow University policies and procedures. See the Student Charter for a details on your rights and responsibilities.

Where can I find help?
Like all good beaucracies, the University has a Policy, Procedure or Statute for just about everything. Trouble is, they're not always easy to find or to understand. As a starting point, the BSA student diary has some great information on the most common issues in its Study Guide
section. You can also head to the La Trobe website where there are lots of pages dedicated to helping students understand issues and direct you to the help you need. 

Who can I talk to on campus about my issues with the University?
The BSA employs a student advocate whose role it is to help students find the best solution for their issues. You can set up a face to face meeting with our advocate who can listen to your problem and work out the best course of action. The advocate will know which policy or procedure is relevant and explain in simple terms what is likely to happen. They can help you draft letters to the University, complete forms or attend meetings with you and University staff to ensure you are treated fairly. 

This is a free service open to all La Trobe Bendigo students. You don't have to be a BSA member to use it. 

What type of issues can I get help with?
The BSA can help you with just about anything but will refer you to other services on campus where appropriate. Some of the issues we can help you with are:

•  Academic Progress or Show Cause (more information)
•  Student Rights and Responsibilities
•  Academic Misconduct including Plagiarism (more information)
•  General Misconduct
•  Special Consideration (more information)
•  Re-marking of exams or assignments (more information)
•  University administration procedures
•  Problems with a lecturer or staff person
•  Appeals
•  Leave of Absence
•  Remission of Debt

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