University is not Easy
Besides the study load, many students undergo huge changes in lifestyle. It could be that you are living away from home for the first time, or that you are returning to study after many years, or trying to juggle a family and university at the same time.

Most students are on a shoestring budget or find it difficult to balance work, study, family and recreation. The great thing about studying at Bendigo is the amount of support that is availalble both on and off campus. Whether its academic matters, financial problems or personal issues, there is usually somebody there to help.
Academic Issues
It's pretty rare for students to go through their course without any academic issues. It could be to do with assessments or exams, complaints about lecturers, course progression, academic misconduct or a million other things. 

The University has a policy and/or procedure to cover just about any circumstance you might find yourself in. Trouble is that policies are not always easy to find and if you do find them, not always easy to understand or apply to your individual issue. In these cases, it's a good idea to seek advice from the BSA Student Advocate. 
Personal Issues
Keeping a balanced lifestyle is important to your overall success at uni but it's not always easy to do this. Most students have financial issues, mental health problems, accommodation difficulties, time demands, family stuff or other issues they need to juggle while trying to study affectively.

Fortunately, the BSA and La Trobe have a diversity of services available to help minimise the affect on your study but it's sometimes a good idea to tal to lecturers or your course coordinator about what's going on in your life. They may be able to suggest changes to your course plan that help you cope until things improve.